He is my best friend. whenever I’m sad I just go and hug him ,feels I’m home. What will I do when he’s gone? Who will I call with different shitty names? Who will I look for in the whole house when I need a shoulder to cry on? Who will be there to lick me when I get home? Who will be there to look at me with those innocent eyes pleading for just one more candy? Who will be there to snatch my clothes?  Who will be there to woof at every weird noise? Who will just sleep all day and save the energy to play with me at night? Who will make me forcefully scratch his belly? Who would just want to sleep on my lap the whole day and never get up? Who would want to just walk for five more minutes? Who would just come and irritate me by chewing my pen while I’m studying?

DOGS, who are dogs?

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

They will always cheer you up when you’re sad. They will always listen to you when you have no one to talk to but them. They will always get excited when you get home. He will always sleep on your lap no matter how old he grows. No matter how irritated you get with him, No matter how mad you are at him, He’ll still love you unconditionally. A dog would always want your love and attention that’s all. They’re always ready to go out for a walk or play with you anytime. They’re the ones who’ll just eat from your hand, No one else’s. No matter how much you torture them by playing with their ears or with their toys they will still love you the same.

I’m just afraid..afraid that I no longer will have his shiny hair on my tees and jeans. That I will no longer be able to do all the crazy experiments on him. That I will have no one to play with. That i will miss him on Rakshabandhan , that every year tradition to tie him a rakhi that he’s the best brother and a baby I could have. I will do whatever it takes me to keep him alive as long as he can.

I’m scared of the fact that I’ll have to lose chubby (my dog) one day, What am I even without him?

P.S- This is my first post and I really wanted my first post to be about dogs and also I can barely imagine my life without dogs. I will be giving my not so formal introduction in the next post.

Stay tuned.

Stay happy. 🙂


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