A dreamer’s resume.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”- Bruce Lee.

Expression, beauty in reality and success in all its sincerity, is what I have come to believe in. I am a very ambitious person, ambition is what makes you dedicated. I love to get to know people more and more. I believe life is all about adventures to explore and lessons to learn from. I also believe that life is about failures as well, because that’s when you get to work on your mistakes. You learn from your mistakes and you’re a step ahead. My hobbies are dancing , baking , and writing and I’m the kind of a girl who would cry if a stranger is in pain, Trust me I’m a very emotional person.

Apart from that I don’t write to pass the time, I write because I love to express myself through words. I write because I feel good while writing, I don’t have to be a materialistic person. When I write, It’s mainly about things related to me, close to me or I think that people need to be aware of. I was inspired to start a blog from a friend. Writing makes me know myself more than actually anyone else does, because when you write, you write freely without anyone judging you. I want to inspire and motivate people to write about whatever they love or want to express and be happy and joyous in life. Most of the times when I come across people they seem to be eternally sad or depressed whatever the reason may be. I will try to write posts about positivity to erase the negativity from people’s minds and lives. Life has become all about competition and what others think of you as a person. What matters more? Your opinion of yourself or others judging you?

If you’re positive enough and confident enough about yourself and life then there’s no one who can stop you. I have flaws, yeah I’m working on them. I would want to know the mindset of people and everything about them. Not the materialistic person but the beautiful inner soul which wants to come out and spread colours. I will try and I wish that I will make you feel positive about yourself and about life. Life isn’t a race but a beautiful journey. So yeah that’s all about me and my thoughts.

If there’s anything you want to share about yourself or is about me or about my blog you can text me anywhere be it  Instagram or Facebook.

Instagram Id- Snigdha_nigam.

Stay tuned.

Stay happy and positive. 🙂


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