Unspoken words.

She used to call me every day to ask about my studies or how I am doing with my life and was always worried about my health. But for some or the other reasons I was too “busy” that I couldn’t return her calls every day, It’s not that I didn’t love her I loved with my whole heart and I still do.

Regrets are the most painful. So a while back I lost my world, my support pillar, my teacher, the best part of my life.. Nanna ( maternal grandmother) yeah that’s what I call her. She was the closest to me, she was the one who knew every side of me and every bit of me.

I feel incomplete without her, I every summer used to go to her house and she used to make all the tasty stuff for me and she even used to send it to my house. 17th march on her birthday was the last day I spoke to her, the last day I saw her alive. On fine night which was 11th June dad’s phone rang it was my maasi the other side she said nanna isn’t responding. It was 6 in the morning when we all went to her house to see her. I saw her on the bed just lying there not responding not opening her eyes it broke my heart. My universe fell apart. My hands beg to touch her again, I want to listen to her voice for the last time, feel the touch of her beautiful hands. . But that’s what I can never ever do again is what hurts me the most.  I’m afraid won’t be able to tell her every tiny detail, afraid that I’ll never be able to see her again. She always used to bring small gifts for me. I’ll miss her gifts,her best wishes for me, her voice everything about her.She will forever remain in my heart. She’s probably in a better place now.

I learned that it’s never too late for anything. Express your love to the fullest to your dear ones you never know what might happen tomorrow. If your parents or grandparents or anyone you love is with near you right now go hug them tell them how much you love them, how much they mean to you or if they’re not there give them a call but express. I don’t want anyone to have such horrible regrets. So that’s all about it.

Stay tuned.

Stay happy. 🙂


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