“Time flies over us, but leaves it’s shadow behind.”

– Nathaniel Hawthorne

Time really does fly by. It flies like an arrow you can see, but you cannot feel how fast it goes. For a period of time you’re very unhappy, but then there would be a time when you are the happiest person, Time flies. There are many phases, some are the rough patches and some are the most joyful and memorable.

But what you don’t realise is when the time flew. If you’re in school you miss your childhood, you cherish the moments of that little kid you were who just slept the whole day and did nothing, If you’re in college or you have a job, you miss your childhood as well as your school days when all you did was have fun with your friends. The most tiny moments are the most important and beautiful moments is what most of us don’t cherish.

All you need to do is understand how beautiful a life is. It takes you through a long beautiful journey which has the most difficult times but somehow you make it till the end. For all of you who think that your life is just miserable, but oh wait. You’re highly mistaken, this is just a rough patch the most foxy and wonderful moments are yet to come. Life isn’t about just “living” it somehow, life is all about making it worth living.

You’re lucky enough for the life you have to do what you love and not waste a moment on the pointless sad patch as well to let go of a billion dollar smile. It doesn’t matter if the time flew by . It’s never too late to make the most out of your life and make it the astonishing.

Keep smiling.

Stay tuned. 🙂


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