So, are regrets really that bad? Umm..Not Really!

It keeps you wondering what was your fault? How you could’ve made it better? You frown thinking about it. You indulge yourself into deep thoughts about that bad decision you once made. You try to distract yourself from it but you just can’t, it’s constantly stuck in the back of your mind.

But do they have to be so heart wrenching to leave us constantly contemplating about it?

Not always I suppose, each time you regret a faulty decision or a mistake of yours is the time you really learn from it. It alerts for the future, when again you’re about to make the same mistake you recall your regret and take a step back saving yourself. Regrets shouldn’t really be that regretful because that is exactly what you once wanted.

You know, this happens with  me  all the time , I try to brush
off those rubbish things along with  the persistent regret, churn my brains out I pacify myself for the time being.

But it proves much harder than i ever thought..
We tend to constantly relap and again fall in the same dark pitch of our thoughts.

Take it as a page misprinted in the book of your beautiful life and enjoy it.

Stay happy.

Stay tuned. 🙂


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